Mission Statement


Delhi Public School Ranchi endeavours to foster a nurturing, mutually supportive School Community that aims at promulgating quality education to its students with a limpid perspective of creating Global Citizens with Immense Potential of Intellectual Achievement, Economic Competitiveness, Social Efficiency, Leadership and Strong Ethical and Environmental Values. Youth who has the Aptitude not only of Personal Growth but also of Stream-lining Social Change through emphasis on Social Issues.


“Excellence is never an Accident. It is always the result of High Intention, Sincere Efforts and Intelligent Execution, it represents the Wise Choice of many alternatives.”

The vision and aspiration of Delhi Public School Ranchi is to train students for Responsible Citizenship and prepare them for Adulthood through Socializing them in the norms and values of Society; to provide them with Academic Knowledge and Skills, to help students find Self-fulfilment, Personal relevance, Clarification of Personal values and thus adding to their Personal Growth; to teach students how to learn through the Development of Thinking, Research and Study Skills so that they become excellent Problem solvers and Creative Thinkers who are capable of dealing with Change; to provide students with skills and knowledge needed to be competitive in a Global Economy; to prepare Leaders with Values and Socialization needed.