House System

There are Six Houses in the School..

In the abode of knowledge, we groom our students to become future leaders. We inspire our students to dream, to dream big. This inspiration comes from being in the guidance of some recognized leaders themselves. Led by our Principal, Dr. Ram Singh who has been conferred with several prestigious awards till date, our school, our students and teachers have also been recognized for their excellence in not just academics but art, culture and other arenas.

  • CHENAB (Junior, Senior)
  • GANGES (Junior, Senior)
  • JHELUM (Junior, Senior)
  • RAVI (Junior, Senior)
  • JAMUNA (Junior, Senior)
  • SUTLEJ (Junior, Senior)

Every Student, on admission is placed in one of these Houses.

Each House is headed by one boy and one girl known as House Captains. A member of the staff assisted by several other teachers (tutor) act as the House Warden. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for extra curricular activities games, and sports. At the end of the year, the house gaining the highest points is awarded the trophy.

Any student representing a house that he/she does not belong to, will be disqualified.

Rules for Inter House Activities:

  • One student can participate in maximum two individual activities and two group activities.
  • Number of participants in group activity should be more than eight and less than ten and for G. D.; Mock Parliament, Quizzes, Cryptic Crossword team should comprise of three Members (One Student from Each Class).
  • For individual activities a team should comprise of two participants from respective houses.
  • In each group activity there should be one participant from each house.


Classroom teaching in institutions add to information and knowledge of students, but insight formation takes place through real life experiences and interactions with personalities. Students are regularly exposed to knowledgeable luminaries whose words motivate and inspire the young minds. Guest speakers from different walks of life enrich the attitudes, aptitude and critical thinking of students which help them become valuable citizens of society.



With an objective to ensure holistic development of students on a regular basis the school organises trips to NASA for students of classes V-XI.

World School Debate

To get a feel of the happenings around the world and compete at global level, children of DPS Ranchi participate in the WORLD SCHOOL DEBATE held annually.

Overseas Universities Education Fair

The school conducts Overseas Universities Education Fair to meet, interact and apply for admissions to Universities abroad for higher studies under one roof in the month of November.

SAT Test Centre

Admission to top-notch institutions in countries like UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Japan, Italy etc. becomes a cakewalk. DPS Ranchi became the first SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test) centre in Jharkhand 2017. By becoming a test centre, we intend to connect motivated students to the SAT, SAT subject tests, associated college planning resources and also to expose more students overall to the opportunities of the higher education.

Science Exhibition

To chisel scientific acumen of the young students, the school encourages them to participate in Science Exhibition. The young scientists present models, projects, presentations etc. and with other schools.


The school bids a ceremonious adieu to the students of class XII for their bright and prosperous future in the month of January.

Legal Literacy Club

Legal literacy helps in the holistic development of an individual's personality. If aims at creating awareness amongst the young students about their rights as individuals and their duties towards the society and the nation. Legal education paves the way for instilling a sense of responsibility towards society and thus making them law abiding citizens of the nation.

Tamai Classes (Japanese Kiwami)

To develop children into world class talents a special learning technique of Japan, know as ‘Tamai Shiki’ has been introduced to enhance the logical, analytical and quantifying ability of the students. Courses like Ee Soreban, Kiwami Geometry, Robotics and comman science are being conducted by the trained faculties minutely administered by Japanese delegates.

Deeptabh (Lighting hope, lighting equality)

With the motto to have a society with equal opportunities for all, the school has lightened a lamp of hope for the underprivileged children by introducing a separate school ‘Deeptabh’. It imparts not only quality education but also caters to the other needs of the students related to education.

Counselling and Guidance

Continuous counselling and guidance maximizes a child’s capacity and leads him/her towards self-actualization. Every student can take counselling sittings for over all social and psychological well-being. With the expert help of counsellor, students can attain their higher academic excellence.

British and Australian Council

DPS Ranchi is well known for its efforts to keep pace with the latest teaching learning techniques and hence take innovative initiatives. With its mission to instil the traits of global citizenship in students, school has been in association with the British Council and the Australian Council for last 4 years. Students get opportunities to participate in multifarious activities, projects and avantgarde programmes in collaboration with these organisations and explore the avenues of international learning.

YES PROGRAMME for Students

With the aim to facilitate students to have a global exposure the school has started exchange programmes. Students can be a part of the prestigious YES PROGRAMME and can go abroad to enhance personal and cross cultural communicational skills.

Robotics Lab

DPS Ranchi being a leader in educating future generation of India has put a great effort to foster 21st century skills like critical thinking, problem solving, team work, time management and many more to its students by providing best science-technology-engineering-mathematics (STEM) activities and constant in-house guidance. The robotic lab is equipped with LEGO MINDSTORM robotics kits (Core and Expansion set), ARDUINO KITS, QUADCOPTER, and AEROMODELLING KITS.

Robotics is a fun and effective way to introduce STEM education to primary school students.