General Instructions for Fee

In the wake of growing digitization Delhi Public School Ranchi has switched to online mode for making fee payment.

  1. School fee is to be paid by using ‘DPS Ranchi’ mobile app. Parents can also access school website for making fee payment.
  2. School fee is payable on monthly basis.
  3. All dues should be cleared before the commencement of each examination or else child will notbe allowed to appear in the examination.
  4. Students appearing for Board examinations i.e. X & XII should clear their fee dues positively by the month of January.
  5. If a student wants to discontinue the bus service he/she must inform the school office one month in advance and submit the bus pass in the office. No student will be allowed to discontinue the (bus) service from October onwards.
  6. Transfer Certificate will be issued on a written request from the parent or guardian after the settlement of all dues of the school. One month’s notice or one month’s fees in lieu of notice period along with Rs 500/- for T.C. must be given in advance for the issue of Transfer Certificate.
  7. Caution money is refundable in full only in the event of leaving the school and after adjustment of all dues. It should be claimed within six months from the date of issue of T.C. otherwise the claim for same will not be entertained.
  8. As the school has a system of fee pay payment on monthly basis, parents are expected to respect the rulesand schedule related to it.  Following are the details of fine in case of ‘delay in Fee Payment’.
  1. In the first month * till the date 15th                                   - No fine

(* in which the fee is to be paid)

  1. In first month from 16th to the end of the month             - Rs 50/-
  2. In second month                                                           - Rs  100/-                                            
  3. In third month                                                               - Rs 500/-
  4. After third month, Rs 500 will be added aslate fine each month.
  5. General fine if cheque is returned by banks:
  6. Due to insufficient funds – Rs 1000/-
  7. Due to technical issues ‐ Rs. 500/-

10.  Each Student will be charged Rs. 100 for school Identity Card.