National Deworming Day celebrated at DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School, Ranch celebrated National Deworming Day on 10th August 2017. 
The Students were enlightened about worms, its impact on children, worm transmission cycle, the direct and indirect benefits of deworming and the importance of hygiene and health. On this day, all the children of class III-VI were given the deworming tablets.

On this day Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of DPS Ranchi said that National Deworming Day is the one of the largest single-day public health initiatives in India, it will help spread awareness among the children. 

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World Elders Day celebrated at DPS Ranchi

Students of Class IV of Delhi Public School, Ranchi organised an activity to celebrate ‘World Citizen Day’ on 08/08/17 with thought provoking skits and a song on the plight of senior citizens in the society. They brought out the fact that getting old is an inevitable process and to care for someone who once cared for us is the highest honour to them.

Dr. Ram Singh, the Principal of the school said that Senior Citizens Day is an opportunity to acknowledge the dedication and contribution of our elders and to ensure that we are doing our best to give something back to our parents and grandparents.

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Van Mahotsav and Raksha Bandhan Celebrated at DPS Ranchi

Teach me and I will forget, show me and I might remember, involve me and I will never forget.

To enhance and Compliment the theoretical knowledge, a programme was organized for the celebration of “Van Mahotsava” and “Raksha Bandhan” in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi, on 4th August 2017.

Celebrating “Van Mahotsava” the students of class V A and B performed a beautiful dance and drama which stimulated an emotional connection towards the Mother Nature and instilled the social and personal responsibly of safe guarding the nature.

On the other hand the students of class II tied Rakhi around the trunk of the trees unveiling their relevance to the nature and celebrated “Raksha Bandhan” and showed their love for nature.
Principal Dr. Ram Singh exhorted that such activities spread awareness on saving trees and mother earth. He also said that such activities not only helps in the child’s self confidence but also involves in the teaching and learning process.

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"Health Clinic" Program at DPS Ranchi

On 2nd August 2017, in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi the kids of class II presented a programme on “Health Clinic” in a very interesting and effective manner.
The young buds showcased and learnt about First Aid practically. With the help of this program the students exhibited and grabbed knowledge about the use of items like cotton, band aid, thermometer, antiseptic liquid, anti burning ointment, scissors etc. 

The students portrait the characters of doctors and nurses and displayed the use of First Aid Kit after being injured and also gave a message for being cautious on streets, school and play grounds.  
The Principal Dr. Ram Singh motivated the students to take part in such activities and said that these type of activities help the students to take an immediate action in an emergency and help the one in need. 

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Intramural Kabadi Tournaments in DPS, Ranchi

Intramural Kabadi Tournament organized in the premises of Delhi Public School Ranchi. In the Kabadi Tournament was played into Group A and Group B. Group A (Senior section) consisted of students of class X - XII and Group B (Junior section) consists of students of class VI-IX.   

In the Kabadi Tournament semi final in Group A was played between Ganges House vs Jamuna House and Ravi House vs Jhelum House. In the semi finals Ganges House defeated Jamuna House by 54/22 and Jhelum House defeated Ravi House by 20/12 and qualified for the finals.

In Group B the final match was played between Chenab House vs Ganges House and Ravi House vs Sutlej House.  In the semi finals Sutlej House defeated Chenab House by 30/21and Ravi House defeated Sutlej House by 23/1 and qualified for the finals.

In the Kabadi Tournament final in Group A Jhelum House defeated Ganges House by 44/35 and Ravi House defeated Ganges House by 43/11 in Group B and won the tournament.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the winning teams said that along with mental ability physical fitness is also important and therefore these activities are important for the students. 


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Robotics Classes at Delhi Public School, Ranchi

Robotics classes were organized in Delhi Public School, Ranchi for the students of class III-VI by the trainerss of “Tamai Onettom Private Limited”.

Robotics is a technique that would be beneficial for enhancing problem solving skills and time management. Along with it, it helps in science and technology education and develops analytical and problem solving skills. It trains to create, design and build a robot model that looks or behaves like a human athlete.

 In a class room Robotics benefits the students in several ways:

  • It can be launching pad for students to realize their passion.
  • A strong robotics curriculum can create leaders.
  • Robotics can teach students how to communicate across different technology platforms.
  • It can lead to community involvement. 
  • Robotics teaches essential teamwork skills.

 Principal Dr. Ram Singh remarked that Robotics is an effective way of learning and these classes will help the students know and understand the benefits of Robotics classes. He also said that these classes will create an educational bridge between India and Japan.

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Intramural Badminton Tournament (boys) at DPS Ranchi

Intramural Badminton Tournament (boys) final was organized in the premises of Delhi Public School Ranchi for students of class V. 

 In the Boy’s Singles Shreyash Vinay Maharaj won the match defeating Vaibhav Chandra.

Whereas in the Boys Doubles the match was played between Rashik Raj and Ruhan Hussain vs Atharv Aryan and Kumar Sanyan, Rashik Raj and Ruhan Hussain won the match.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of DPS Ranchi congratulated the winners on their victory.

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Lets Harvest Good Character Programme, at DPS Ranchi

Neither money pays, nor name, nor fame nor learning, it is character that can cleave through adamantine walls of difficulties. - Swami Vivekanand

 A cultural programme on "Lets Harvest Good Character" was held in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 31st July 2017. This program was showcased by the students of class III.

The programme began with the children laying emphasis on the importance of good character, which was followed by various presentations on virtues like honesty, patience, kindness, punctuality etc. 

The Children highlighted the thoughts of Swami Vivekanand on the importance of good character and its benefits in life. They also quoted the famous quotes of some prominent personalities. 

The programme ended with a beautiful song.

The Principal, of the school Dr. Ram Singh remarked that family and social values are most important in an individual’s life but in today’s world the values are at the verge of extinction. Therefore with the help of this programme the students were motivated to inculcate good character in themselves.

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Road Safety Workshop at DPS Ranchi

A workshop for the school bus drivers and conductors was organized in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 30th July 2017. More than 200 drivers and conductors of  18 different CBSE schools of Ranchi attended the workshop. Mr. Sanjay Ranjan Singh the traffic S.P. of  Ranchi Jharkhand was the Chief Guest for the day along with Mr. Radha Prem Kishore (DSP, Traffic), Santosh Kumar (Traffic Inspector, Jagganathpur) and Dr. Ashok Kumar ( Santevita Hospital) are also present as guest at this ocassion. The resource person for the occasion was Mr. Rishab (from RISE UP NGO) and Mr. Rajeev Sinha (from Jharkhand Film & Theatre Academy) .

The motive of the workshop was to make them aware of about the traffic rules and regulation and safety. The attendees of the workshop were informed about the Traffic rules and symbols with the help of documentaries and a play like “Horn Mat Bajao” and “Zidd” on Road safety done by Jharkhand Film Academy. 

There is a Medical Check-up camp for all bus staffs done by Santevita Hospital.  
At this occasion Dr. Ashok Kumar demonstrate on First-Aid Information.
Mr. R. P. Kishore said about the responsibility of School Bus Staffs who takes future of the nation.
Mr. Santosh Kumar took the Alcohol test through breath analyzer.
On addressing the audience Mr. Sanjay Ranjan Singh firstly discuss about Medical Check-up result of different drivers and bus staffs and focused to avoid alcohol during duty hours. He also interact with different school bus staffs on stage and said all the staffs to take oath to avoid use alcohol. 

The rules and regulations they were informed about are as follows:

  • It is compulsory to write "On School Duty" both at the front and back of the bus.
  • It is compulsory to write the “Police Help Line No. 100” in the bus.
  • The fire extinguisher should be placed at the right place in the bus. The bus driver and conductor should know how to operate the fire extinguisher.
  • First Aid box should be kept at its place.
  • The bus driver and conductor should be in their proper uniform. Both of them should carry I-card with their name, post and blood group written on it.
  • Both the bus driver and conductor should were shoes along with their uniform.
  • The bus driver and conductor should not consume any kind of intoxication on duty.
  • The bus driver should have a license of driving a heavy vehicle for minimum 5years. 

The workshop ended with a vote of thanks.

At the end of the attendees seemed happy with the information they received and said that these information’s will help them know, understand and follow the rules and help them avoid accidents and be safe.  

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Kargil Vijay Diwas celebrated at DPS Ranchi

Celebrating the "Kargil Vijay Diwas" the young buds of class II commemorated the contribution of Indian Armed Force with an activity programme, on 29th July, 2017.

The students paid homage to the soldiers with a beautiful act and a few patriotic songs. During the programme a child delivered an amazing speech on "The word solider gives us a selfless feeling", which left the parents gallery stunned from within. The program was followed by a heart touching poem "If I Die", which left the audience in tears. The patriotic show ended with an inspirational song "Kandhe se Milte Hain Kandhe" which made the audience salute the students for their commendable performance. 

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the students for their heart touching performance of the Indian Army and their efforts to accomplish such a wonderful programme. He also said that such type of patriotic programme helps us to give birth to patriotism in the heart of kids at a tinder age.

The parents felt extremely proud on the sense of gratitude toward the soldiers, shown by their little ones.
On the other had the students of class I performed on the theme "Welcome Monsoon" and gave a wonderful performance on the importance of monsoon. They also shared how to protect oneself from various diseases in an entertaining manner.

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