An Program on Advanced Way of Learning (Class II) at DPS Ranchi

Delhi Public School has always believed in taking new and unique initiative for the growth and development of the students. On July 13, 2017, Thursday the primary section of the school organized an activity based program in order to take learning to a level up.

The young buds of class II performed an activity session on the Importance of Balance Diet. The students displayed “Healthy Foods” comprised of ‘Body Building Food’, ‘Energy Giving Food’ and ‘Protective Food’ in a picturesque and poetic way which they had learnt in the Environmental Science Class. With the help of this program the students exhibited the impacts of the improper balance diet and how it harms and effects the growth.  

Under the vision and guidance of the honorable Principal Dr. Ram Singh the initiative was a success. On the success of this technique he said that this process will help the students to grab the knowledge in a simple way. These types of teaching techniques will help the students learn in an easy and effective manner. Such activities enable pupil to benefit themselves from classroom teaching and stimulate their learning in an effective way.

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CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest - City Level 2017 at DPS, Ranchi

DPS Ranchi successfully hosted the city level CBSE Cryptic Crossword Contest -2017 on 11/07/2017. It was organised by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The Chief Guest for today’s programme was Smt. Aradhana Patnayak, IAS, Secretary, (Human & Resource Dept.), Govt. of Jharkhand. The programme began with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp which was followed by the presentation of bouquets to all the distinguished guests.
Cryptic Crossword is a linguistic workout which not only tests one’s vocabulary but also sharpens one’s ability to interpret clues. In short, cryptic crosswords are crossword puzzles in which each clues is a word puzzle in and of it. It also helps develop cognitive skills such as making inferences, evaluating alternatives and drawing conclusions.

A total of 38 teams from different schools of the city participated in an hour long preliminary test at the end of which the best two teams were selected. Each team comprised of 2 students. After much brain storming Saphaire International represented by Kavya Kapoor and Debjani Bera was crowned as the winner, DPS Ranchi represented by Mrinalini and Anwesh Das and Surendranath Centenary Ranchi represented by Aviraj and Aditya Anshul took home the title of runner up and 1st runner up. The winning team and runner up team  will be heading for the National Capital for the final round, competing with other 78 teams of the country. The prizes were given away by Smt. Aradhana Patnayak, IAS, Secretary, (Human & Resourse Dept.), Govt. of Jharkhand.

Dr. Ram Singh Principal, DPS, Ranchi while addressing the gathering said that Cryptic Crossword enables a child to think laterally. It was also stated by him that the prime intension of hosting such contests in the school is to motivate the children to broaden their horizon, as these contests give the children a chance to think out of the box and strive for perfection in education mainly having the pleasure of learning with a blend of modern technique and real life learning. He also thanked the chief guest for taking out time from her busy schedule. 

The chief guest for today’s programme congratulated the students for their brilliant performance and said that apart from academics all round personality development is a must for the well being of students irrespective of the fact whether they are studying in government schools or private schools. She also said that how the four Cs are relevant in a students life, and will enable then to develop concentration, competitiveness, creativity and confidence. For the ones who could not make it she said there is  always a next time and people should not lose heart.
The programme ended with a vote of thanks. 

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Intramural Table Tennis Tournament (girls) in DPS Ranchi

DPS Ranchi organized an Intramural Table Tennis Tournament (girls) on 11-07-2017 (Monday). The tournament was organized for the senior section into two groups. Group A consisted of class X to XII and Group B consisted of class VI to IX.  

In Group A the first semi final was played between Chenab House vs Ganges House and the second semi final was played between Jhelum House vs Sutlej House. The Sutlej House and Chenab House defeated Ganges House and Jhelum House and qualified for the finals.

In the final match between Sutlej House vs Chenab House.  Mimansha of Sutlj House won the match whereas, Shreya of Chenab House became the runner up . 

 In Group B the first semi final was played between Chenab House vs Ganges House and the second semi final was played between Jamuna House vs Sutlj House. The Jamuna House and Ganges House defeated Ganges House and Jhelum House and qualified for the finals.

In the final match between Jamuna House Vs Ganges House, Vertika of Jamuna House won the match whereas; Tiyasha of Ganges House became the runner up. 

On the victories of the houses the Principal Dr. Ram Singh congratulated them on their glorious victory.

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Awards for High Achievers at DPS Ranchi ( Primary Wing)

Success, medals, certificates, smiles  full of pride and happiness defined the aura of the ‘High Achievers Award’ ceremony 2017 for the Primary Wing of DPS Ranchi.

This event brought together students, teachers, principal and parents to applaud the endless hours of  hard work of our true champions.

The day commenced with the welcome song, lighting the lamp and a heartfelt  mesmerized dance performance based on importance of Gurus in student’s life.

More than 139 students were awarded with medals and certificates. The first 7 toppers of the Primary Wing Harshit  Upadhayay, Ishu Bhanu, Stuti Ratan, Md. Hanzala Badi, Anshruta Asavari Mandal, Madhav R. Pillai and Abhishek Kumar Singh were the first ones to receive the awards.

The auspicious afternoon was graced with Shri Prashant Singh, ADG (Rail), Jharkhand. The Chief Guest congratulated the students and delivered a key note address to them. He strongly emphasized that the latent potentials in the children should be honed to perfection in the school itself. He advised the students that success did not necessarily mean happiness and that they must find ways of giving to their communities.

Principal, Dr. Ram Singh said that DPS Ranchi is dedicated to creating leaders of tomorrow. He exported that curiosity, adaptability and right mentorship will help these students to achieve the heights of success.

The ceremony ended with the vote of thanks which was followed by a Photography session.

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Delhi Public School Ranchi goes global.

Escorted by a teacher, a group of five dipsites are going to represent not only the school but the entire nation in the land of Greece. The students will be participating in the “Mock Parliament” in the country having the glorious history and monuments. The students of DPS Ranchi will compete with the budding scholars from all across the globe.

This trip to Greece will not only help the students acquire the knowledge about the place but also the customs and traditions of the country. It will also give an over view of the parliamentary sessions of the different countries in the world.

On this International opportunity the principal of DPS Ranchi Dr. Ram Singh said that the sky is the limits, it is an immense pleasure for the school that the students of DPS Ranchi will represent the nation at the International level. It is great opportunity for the students to explore the world and become a smart and confident individual. On this moment of opportunity he also wished the students a great success in the competition.

The students participating in the Mock Parliament said that it a big opportunity for them to showcase their talent. They also said that they are highly grateful to the institution and the principal who were always guiding and supporting them in every step they took.

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Felicitation ceremony for class VI-IX and class XI

Delhi Public School Ranchi organized a felicitation ceremony for class VI-IX and class XI (Session-2016-17) on 10th July 2017. The High Achievers of each class were felicitated on this day.

The Chief Guest of the event was Mr. Avinash Kumar, Secretary (Excise), Jharkhand. In this felicitation ceremony Mr. J. C. Mahapatra, GM (RDCIS), SAIL and Pro Vice Chairman of DPS Ranchi was also present as the Guest of Honor.  

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school expressed his happiness regarding the academic performance of the students. He gave special credit to the parents and teachers for their support and guidance. He also shared the facilities and achievements of the school and wished that students excel not only in academics but also in extra- curricular activities. 

On this day the Chief Guest Mr. Avinash Kumar congratulated the high achievers and said that discipline is the most important thing and does not let us regret in future. He also said that if we work hard during our school and college days life becomes easy in future but along with studies enjoyment is important for our refreshment and development.

The Pro Vice Chirman of DPS Ranchi Mr. J. C. Mahapatra also congratulated the students on their brilliant performance.

The felicitated 145 students were quite happy with the ceremony and said that these types of felicitation programs not only rewards us for our achievements but also motivates us to do better in life and leads to success.

On this felicitation ceremony the parents felt proud and honored to be the parents of such bright students and said that they will support and guide them in fulfilling the dreams of their children. They were also grateful to the Principal under whose mentorship the students are touching the sky.

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AISSCE Toppers Felicitated at DPS Ranchi

The high achievers in AISSCE 2017 were awarded by the school in a grand felicitation ceremony on 07.07.2017. The occasion was graced by the auspicious presence of Mr. Manoj Kumar IAS Deputy Commissioner Ranchi. Mr. Kuldeep Dwivedi, IPS Senior Superintendent of Police was the Special Guest for today’s program.

Dr. Ram Singh, Principal DPS Ranchi addressed the gathering and congratulated not only the students but also their parents and the school staff. He stressed on the fact that with a pinch of determination and sheer hard work one can achieve wonders no matter what the circumstances might be. He shared the detailed report of the school, its facilities and its achievements globally.  He encouraged the students to embark on their forward journey with the same perseverance and determination and to continue bringing laurels to their alma mater.

261 students who secured  90% and above were felicitated with a memento and a certificate of appreciation. The school auditorium was filled with ecstatic students and their proud parents. The first 10 toppers of the school Muskan Khowal, Ritika Agarwal, Anirudh Anil Ojha, Manya ,Prerna Mawandia, Komal Singhal, Shirsh Verma, Ritika, Jhalak Mittal and Sidharth Patwari were the first ones to receive the award.

Mr. Manoj Kumar the Chief Guest of the event congratulated the students for their brilliant performance and spoke about the historic development of children and strongly emphasized that the latent potentials in the children should be honed to perfection in the school itself. He also said that there is more expectation from today’s youth as the nation needs responsible and confident citizens to uphold the virtue of the society.    

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Intramural Basketball Final at DPS Ranchi

A 3 days Intramural basketball tournament was played in DPS Ranchi. This tournament was played by the students of Classes 9 to 12.

The final matches of the tournaments was played between Jamuna house V/s Ravi House (Boys category) and
Sutlej house V/s Ganges House (Girls category). Among the boys Jamuna house defeated Ravi house by 18/11 and among the girls Ganges house defeated Sutlej house by 23/2 and registered their victory in the school.

On this victorious the principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that he was amaze to see the sportsmanship and the team spirit of the student and he also congratulated the winning teams.

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Plants: A Versatile Gift of Nature

In order to lay emphasis on classroom teaching and to make it more effective a colorful activity was undertaken by the students of Class Prep at Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 07.07.2017. The theme of the activity being ‘Plants: A Versatile Gift of Nature’ propagated the fact that how plants through their diversity are important for our survival. This was brought forth by the students who came forward with their ideas of the various parts of a plant as well as its benefits. The little angels of DPS Ranchi stated the differences between trees, shrubs and herbs. They innumerated the health benefits of eating various fruits and vegetables and also enjoyed the sight of our national flower ‘lotus’ being presented amongst other flowers. The little Prep graders carrying the various props of fruits, plants, trees and vegetables showcased the underlying principle and main motive of today’s educational era that is “We See, We Learn”.

On this occasion, the principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh said that such activities which provide a practical platform for classroom teaching should be encouraged as through such displays the real knowledge gets instilled in the little brains for life long.

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In order to inculcate the leadership quality in the students the school cabinet was formed and they were inducted through a grand investiture ceremony at Delhi Public School, Ranchi on 04/07/2017 for the session 2017-18.

The event was presided over by Brigadier Sunil Kumar NV (Indian Army) as the Chief Guest and Mr. B.N. Thakur ED RDCIS SAIL as the Guest of Honor in the senior section and other distinguished guests, whereas Mr. Sanjay Rajan Singh IPS SP Traffic Ranchi as the Chief Guest in the juniors.

The program began with the melodious welcome song. Thereafter the newly appointed school appointees as well as the house appointees took the oath in front of the whole school. The oaths were administered by the honorable Chief Guest.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school explained the significance of Investiture Ceremony and said that it denotes the investment in being leaders and the trust and confidence we repose in our newly invested office bearers for the involvement of the student’s community in the day to day functioning of the school since we believe in child centric approach. He also said that leadership gives a sense of responsibility and dedication, and today’s school captains will go on to become tomorrow’s leaders.

On this occasion the school was made aware of the unique selection process in which it was highlighted that academics, discipline and behavior has been given utmost priority so that they become role models for not only their batch mates but also their juniors.

In the senior section of the school Aditya Bose was appointed as the Head boy and Gurmeet as the Head girl. Mayank Sharma was appointed as the Cultural Secretary (boys) and Ananya Suman as the Cultural Secretary (girls). Shlok Bashistha is the new sports captain (boys) and Smriti Bhagat Sports captain (girls).

The Chief Guest of the event congratulated the students and motivated them to be dutiful and responsible. Brigadier Sunil Kumar NV (Indian Army) shared the difference between the leaders and managers and said that develop your personality to become tomorrow’s leaders as the future of India is in the hands of the young generation.

The Guest of Honor Mr. B.N. Thakur ED RDCIS SAIL motivated the new leaders and said that leaders are the one to take out the best in all.

In the primary section of the school Yash Raj was appointed as the Head boy and Shreya Sarawat as the Head girl. Rishit Das was appointed as the Cultural Secretary (boys) and Pragya Pallavi as the Cultural Secretary (girls). Anshuman is the new sports captain (boys) and Arpita Sports captain (girls). Apart from these the children the house captains and the vice captains also handed over the house flags.

The Chief Guest of primary section Mr. Sanjay Ranjan Singh IPS SP Traffic Ranchi congratulated the students exported them to up hold the values and be honest in discharging their duties. He also appreciated the school for providing opportunities to imbibe democratic values through such activities.

A short cultural program was also presented by the Dipsites in honor of the Chief Guests. The programme came to an end with a vote of thanks, proposed by the head girl. The event was conducted with the high degree of sincerity and enthusiasm.

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