Best Player of the Tournament, Tanmay Jain

Tanmay Jain of class XI of Delhi Public School, Ranchi was awarded with the title of Best Player of the Tournament in the Inter DPS National Badminton Tournament Boys (Open)-2017, held in DPS Indrapuram, Ghaziabad.

Competing with 42 teams of the country Tanmay Jain was also declared as the second Runner up of the tournament defeating DPS Dehradun by 21/17.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated Tanmay for his achievement and said that encouraging students to excel in every field is the main motto of the school. He also said that students should be encouraged to play badminton as it is not only helps in the physical development but it also reduces stress and anxiety.

Tanmay thanked the school for their support and training and said that the training provided to him the school is the reason his achievement. He also said that hard work and dedication is also important for the achievement of goal.

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Tanmay and Akshata Qualifies for SGFI Nationals.

Tanmay Jain and Akshata Parul of DPS Ranchi hold the position of runner up in the U-19 State Level Badminton Tournament organized by the School Games Federation of India, held at Thakur Sahdeo Indoor Stadium, Hotwar, Ranchi.

Competing with the participant’s different districts of the state Tanmay and Akshata qualified for U-19 National Level Badminton Tournament.

They will be representing the school and the state at the national level from 10th -13th January 2018, in Elluru, Andhra Pradesh.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated Tanmay and Akshata for his achievement and wished them luck for the national level.

Tanmay and Akshata thanked the school for providing them training and support.

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Interactive Session of students with C.D Goswami.

An interactive session was conducted in DPS Ranchi for class xi students on 13th November 2017. The spokesperson on this occasion was Mr C.D. Goswami who is currently working as General Manager (Environment and Sustainable Development) with MECON Ltd.

Mr Goswami has been working with MECON since 1984. A Mechanical Engineer by profession, Mr Goswami highlited the scientific aspects to raise the quality of life of the students and of the nation as well.

Mr Goswami stressed on two way communication and encouraged students for open speaking as that helps a lot for settlement of doubts and getting a fair clarity on all aspects of life. He further stressed students by saying that in life nothing can be achieved without dedicated efforts which was also the ideology of Swami Vivekananda.

He further encouraged students by saying that no one in this world is either good or bad, the only aspect that makes a person shine is his sincere efforts towards achievement of goals.. He further stressed on the self Confidence factor among the students that plays a crutial role in every one’s life and motivated students to dream so that they can have a goal in their life to achieve  which can further make them successful. He further explained that there are mainly two types of Motivation, Extrinsic Motivation and Intrinsic Motivation. extrinsic motivation comes from outside like from parents, from relatives, from friends and intrinsic motivation is a motivation from inside and this motivation is more effective in a student’s life for achieving success as this motivation gets generated from within in a student. Mr Goswami, further stressed that Attitude and gratitude plays a very important role in one’s life. He stressed on the fact that a person should not have attitude in his life rather should have gratitude and a thankful feeling for whatever he has got.

He took the example of Usain Bolt to justify that one should not have a giving up mindset and should continue to fight till the time he is successful and also specified that one should not worry about the result and should always try hard  and supported to have a positive approach in life.

In the interactive session, students asked various questions to Mr Goswami about how they can contribute towards maintaining a good environment in the society against which Mr Goswami encouraged the students to practice rain water harvesting.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school thanked Mr Goswami for sharing his knowledge with the students and said that the session will help the students choose a right career for themselves.

At the end of the session the students said that the session has solved several of their career related queries. He also paved the way to choose the correct career.

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Padma Shree & Padma Bhushan Dr. Saroja Vaidhyana.

DPS Ranchi believes in grooming a child to their utmost potential, both academically and culturally.  In keeping with this idea a Delhi Public School, Ranchi in collaboration with Spic Macy organized a session cum programme was organized on 13th November 2017.

Padma Shri Padma Bhushan Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan and her disciples were the performers of the day. Mr. Rajiv Ranjan the State Coordinator of Spic Macay was also present for the Programme.

Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan is a choreographer, guru and exponent of Bharatnatyam. She was conferred the Padma Shri in 2002 and the Padma Bhushan in 2013 by the Government of India. 

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school extended a warm welcome to all the      guest performers and the students.  He made the students aware about the differences between western and classical music and said that such kind of programmes were meant to connect the people, especially the young generation with the rich heritage of Indian Classical music which in turn in help to foster Indian values. He also said that this is the actual talent, which should be taken by the students as a career option.

Mr. Rajiv Ranjan interacted with the students and said that Spic Macy was started as a movement in order to protect and spread Indian culture and its different dance forms throughout the world. Spic Macy is taking initiatives to preserve some dance forms which has come to the verge of extinctions.  He also thanked the school and especially the Principal of the school to the part of the movement ad contribute towards it.

During the session cum programme Dr. Saroja Vaidyanathan interacted with the students and educated the students about dance. She began her session with an Invocatory Piece, which is a part of Bharatnatyam meant for seeking blessings from Gods. In today’s Invocatory Piece the dancers worshiped Lord Ganesha (for knowledge), Lord Kartike (for Sympathetic approach), Goddess Swarswati (for music and dance), Goddess Laxmi (for wealth) and Lord Shiva (Strength and Power).

The next performance was on Allaripu, which means a budding flower. Allaripu is of three beats and requires hand, neck, shoulder and leg movements. Thereafter, Dr. Saroja performed on Shri. Ram Chandra Kripalu which depicted the different phase of life of Lord Ram. The programme ended with a rhythmic dance performance.

On the whole the programme was a huge success and the students were of the opinion that it was an experience of a life time.

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Role Play On National Symbols

The tiny-tots of class II, presented a vibrant display on National Symbols to inculcate the feeling of patriotism.

The ‘Role Play’ depicted the national symbols of the country. The main motive of the activity was ‘Satyamev Jayate’ which means that  truth never fails.

The little ones described the national symbols through an interesting and entertaining programme, in which they played the role of our national symbols, such as; national flag,  bird, animal, flower, tree, emblem and the tricolor. They also shared information about it with the help of poems and presentations.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school appreciated the kids for showcasing such an informative topic in an entertaining and beautiful manner and said that, the main motive of this activity was to educate the students in a playful manner.  He also said that, this activity was organized to sow the seeds of respect towards the nation, its culture and its heritage in the minds of these tiny-tots.

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Quiz Competition on Election Commission of India (ECI)

A Quiz Competition on Election Commission of India (ECI) was organized for the students of classes IX-XII by the District Education officer (DEO) in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The motive of the competition was to make the students aware about the working of the ECI.

In this quiz competition the students competed at the school level in the first round. The two winners of the school level will compete with the students of the other schools at the district level.

In this competition Madhur Jain and Aditya Kumar of class XII won the first position, Harshit Pajwani and Om Krishna of class XI won the second position and Tejas Drolia and Aditya Gaurav of class XI won the third position.  

Madhur Jain and Aditya Kumar will be representing the school at the district level which will be organized on 11th November, 2017.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the winners and wished them luck for the performance in the district level.

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Skype Session with Yash Saboo

A Skype session was organized in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi for the students of class XI. This online interactive session was taken by Yash Saboo, the Yes Programme exchange students of  DPS Ranchi now residing in US.

During his session with the students Yash shared his experiences, the teaching methodology of the education system in US and about the culture and people of the country. He also shared that while staying in US he has not only known about the US culture and heritage but also has presented several presentations on Indian culture.

While interacting with the students the Yash shared that the extracurricular activities are the important part of the region specially the sports activities. As the other students of US Yash has also become a sports activity. He is a part of a soccer team and has won 5 matches.

On being asked about the subjects taught to him in US he said that the education of US is different from India and the subjects which he is perusing is Engineering, Calculus, World History, English and Physical Education.

Sharing about the people of US he said that the people are very friendly and helpful which never makes him feel homesick.

Along with his experiences he also shared about the procedure of foreign exchange programme and encouraged the students to be a part of it which will be beneficial both personally and professionally in the days to come. He also inspired them to take challenges in order to succeed in life.

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Interactive Sessioni on Vigilence Awareness Week

An interactive session was organized on the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week from 30th October to 4th November 2017, for the students of classes VIII-IX by the Central Bureau of Investigation Organization on 3rd November 2017 in Delhi Public School, Ranchi. The spokesperson for the day was Mr. S. Malik Additional S.P., CBI.

Mr. Malik addressed the students and made them aware about the ill effects of corruption and the means to fight them. He shared with them what problems CBI is facing to control corruption and what initiatives they take to control it. Encouraging the students he gave them the tips to tackle corruption in the different fields of their life and said that they are the future of the nation and their contribution is more important.

While interacting with the students Mr. Malik also shared with them that CBI is organization which contributes to make India a corruption free Country. He shared with them about the functioning of CBI.

During the session the students asked several questions related to CBI and its contribution in full filling the vision of corruption free India, such as Alex asked about how CBI keeps India corruption free, Asifa Fatima asked about the corruption related problems CBI faces in their investigation etc. On been asked such questions Mr. Malik enlightened the students with the iformation.

Along with it the students also shared their opinion on corruption and to overcome it. They also shared with Mr. Malik about a situation when an honest officer is been exploited by a dishonest officer due to corruption and how positivity help an individual to irradiate corruption from India.

Dr. Ram Singh the head of the institution thanked Mr. Malik for sharing his knowledge on corruption with the students and said that as charity begins from home in the same way corruption also begins from home.

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Various Competitions organised on Vigilence Awareness Week

On the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week from 30th October to 4th November 2017, a Story Telling, Cartoon Drawing and a Skit Writing Competition was organized for the students of classes VI – X  by the
 ‘Employee Provident Fund Organization’ on 3rd November 2017 in Delhi Public School, Ranchi.

The theme of the competition was ‘My Vision: Corruption Free India’.

In the Cartoon Drawing Competition Shubham Shashmal (VIIG) & Harshita (VIG) won the1st Prize, Rahul Kumar Giri (VI H) & Piyush Sengupta (VII D) won the 2nd Prize and Akshat Mehta (VIA) & Pranav Raj (VIE) won the 3rd Prize.

In the Skit Writing Competition Shruti Sinha of Class IX E won the1st Prize, Piyush Kumar of Class VIII F won the 2nd Prize and Jaya Maheshwari of Class VII A won the 3rd Prize.

In the Story Telling Competition Aishwarya Taneja of Class VI B won the1st Prize, Snehil of Class VI F won the 2nd Prize and Drishika Priya of Class VI F won the 3rd Prize.

The winners were awarded with the certificates.

Dr. Ram Singh the Principal of the school congratulated the winners and said that it is feels proud to see such talented and creative students. He also said that it was a great initiative to make to the students aware about corruption and encourage them to take step towards corruption free India.

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Competitions organised at DPS Ranchi on Vigilance Awareness Week

On the occasion of Vigilance Awareness Week a Poster Making Competition and a Debate Competition was organized in the premises of Delhi Public School, Ranchi by the Vigilance Department of SAILS Unit Ranchi. Mr. Kajal Das Executive Director (CET) was the Chief Guest and Mr. K.J. Chauhan DGM (Finance), SAIL was the Guest of Honor for the day.

Mr. Sanjay Agarwal (ACVO), Mr. Prashant Kumar (AGM) and Mr. Vikas Kumar Singh (Sr. Manager) of Vigilance Department were also present for the day. Mr. Prashant Kumar and Mr. Vikas Kumar Singh are been awarded with the Vigilance Excellence Award by the Vice President of India Mr. M. Venkia Naidu.

Students of 14 schools of the Ranchi participated in the competition namely Oxford Public School, Bridgeford School, DAV Bariatu, Cambrian Public School, Loyla Convent School, St. Anthony, Vivekananda Vidhya Mandir, Karali School, Sachidanand Gayan Bharti School, Kendriya Vidhyalaya, Hinoo, DAV Kapildev Public School, Guru Nanak School, J.V.M. Shayamli and Delhi Public School, Ranchi.

The theme of the Debate Competition was ‘Can an individual make corruption free India ’.

 In this competition the  Akansha Tiwary of Delhi Public School, Ranchi won the 1st position, Beena Choudhary of Loyola School won the 2nd position, Ananya Singh of Bridgeford School won the 3rd position , Rachit Agarwal of J.V.M. Shyamli won the 1st consolation prize and Tasmia Abrar of Kerali School won the 2nd consolation prize for the motion.

Whereas, Preerna of Kerali School won the 1st position, Kush Taneja of Delhi Public School, Ranchi won the 2nd position, Mohit Kumar Sharma of Bridgeford School won the 3rd position, Ananya Kumari of Guru Nanak School won the 1st consolation prize and Aritra Mahanty of Kendriya Vidhyaly Hinoo won the 2nd consolation prize against the motion.

On the other hand the Poster Making Competition was divided into two groups. Group A consisted of students of classes VI-VIII and Group B consisted of the

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