INTRA-MUN Opening Ceremony at DPS Ranchi

DPS Ranchi always believes in putting its effort to do something new for its students to groom extra ordinary skills among them so that they can face life with courage and confidence. With this objective, DPS Ranchi conducted Model UN Conference in Ranchi at its premises on 17th April 2018. MUN is a new concept in Jharkhand and DPS Ranchi believes that such an event is certain  to ignite the young brains of the school and prospects of the future of the students by way of developing problem solving skills and behaving as diplomats.

The chief Guest of the Opening day of the conference was Brigadier Atul Bhadauria who happens to be the alumnus of the prestigious National Defence Academy Pune and The Indian Military academy Dehradun.He was commissioned into the Regiment of Artillery on 14th December 1991. Brigadier Bhadauria is presently commanding an Artillery Brigade in Dipatoli in Ranchi.  

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and the United Nations agenda. It aims to promote free talk by the students. It helps in eliminating the shyness hidden within the students and groom confidence by encouraging public speaking skills.

The opening ceremony started with welcoming the Chief Guest and then lighting of the lamp. Further the school Principal Dr. Ram Singh was invited at the stage by the Organizing Council members and to give his speech on MUN and Dr. Singh thanked the Organising Council members for initiating such an innovative event first time ever in Ranchi and said that students by participating in such an event learn leadership skills, organizing skills and come to know about the reality of life as well.

Proceeding further the Chief Guest of the Ceremony was invited to present his opinion on the Conference and Brigadier Atul Bhadauria acknowledged the efforts made by DPS Ranchi to initiate such a type of Conference at its premises and congratulated Dr. Ram Singh for being so energetic to pursue innovations which are unique on its own and said that such type of efforts by the school will definitely uplift the standard of student’s life and said that every student should keep his/her mind open all the time and make contributions towards society.

The intra- MUN conference involves students of DPS Ranchi only who have been divided into various committees. The committees are namely  The Lok Sabha, The Stake holders Meet, United Nations General Assembly, Historic Crisis Committee, International Press. Each committee will hold debate which will enhance the spoken skills among the students and eliminate the fear factor to speak in public. Each Committee has been allotted with individual judges who will monitor the proceedings of the debate and will maintain order during the debate session.

The respective Committee “Lok Sabha” is being monitored by Mr Prajyot Rai, Futuristic Crisis Committee was taken care by shivani Dewalla. Mr Harshit Hassan Walia will be judging  Stakeholders Meet. Mr Angad Shani will be monitoring The united Nations General Assembly.

This debate competition will continue on 18th April as well and finally the winners will be given certification which is globally recognized.

The students enjoyed the first day of the event very much and gave feedback that the conference helped them in many ways like it enhanced their confidence level and further increase in their knowledge. Students were really happy to participate in the event as they had an opportunity to have spontaneous interaction during the debate. 

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A Tribute to Dr. B.R. Ambedkar at DPS Ranchi

“A great man is different from an eminent one in that he is ready to the servant of the society.”
14th of April, 1891, a day worth remembering. A day when the country was gifted with just and lawful being who further played an important role in scripting down the fate of the nation,  Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar. On Friday the young little ones of Primary Wing held a programme to pay tribute to the father of the Indian Constitution. The programme started with the offering of flowers to the great being and continued with the sharing of his ideas which enlightened the fate of the suppressed section of the society. The children also talked about his life and struggles being the part of one of those suppressed section of our so called society, the foundation ofwhich was laid down by bricking caste system to the roots of Indian society. They did not fail to idealize the necessity and rights and duties that every individual enjoys according to our great constitution. It was indeed a treat to the eyes of audience who witnessed the children speaking their thoughts aloud.

The Principal Dr. Ram Singh a patriotic soul by heart took the occasion to guide these tiny seeds of society to work for the betterment of the nation. He enlightened the young soul by emphasizing  great thoughts of Dr. B.R. Ambedkar that, Life should be great; rather than long, and always remember that we are Indians firstly and lastly.

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An Interactive Session Conducted by Dr. Ram Singh with students

An interactive session was conducted in Vivekananda Hall of DPS Ranchi on 13th April 2018 by the school Principal Dr. Ram Singh. Dr. Singh was addressing the students who appeared in the written test for further admission in standard XIth .

Dr. Singh was happy to see that the students were very optimistic to appear in the exam and advised them that the last two months for them was full of stress and tension and that might have affected their health as well and now when the exams have come to end they have to focus on their health and physical well being of themselves as the new session is going to start soon and they again have to perform with the same level of energy as they have done in their last session .

Dr. Singh advised students that they should not follow others and their saying and should rather make their own paths which will not only make good future for them but also they can drive joy out of that. He  said that this phase of schooling life is very crucial and the performance which they show at this stage will build up their career.

While addressing the students, Dr. Singh explained the difference between Aim and Goal. He said that Aim is just the target whereas Goal is target with a road map and holds lot of meaning for life. 

Dr. Singh as well quated the importance of Leadership abilities which are foremost important and said that school and groom the internal abilities in one but it is the skill that holds importance in life. It is the personality of a person that carries weight and takes him to heights. 

Dr. Singh said that hard work has no substitute and success definitely comes out of that.. He said that India is a country with full oand nothing is impossible here as It is this country which has produced talents like Dr APJ Abdul Kalam, Swami Vivekananda who are considered to be examples and they all worked really hard to bring name and fame for themselves and for the nation. 

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IIMUN Orientation Session at DPS Ranchi

With an objective to educate the students regarding the rules and regulations of Lok Sabha, Parliament and United Nations, an event is going to be organized at the premises of DPS Ranchi in which students of schools of Jharkhand will take part. The event is going to be organised by IIMUN(Indian International Model United Nations) on 27th, 28th and 29th of this month.

Indian International Model United Nations is the leading brand in education conference management. It is an Organisation that believes in the concept for the youth and by the youth since it is completely run by young students in the age group of 17 to 26 years.

An MUN is not only a gateway to understanding the problems of the world and how to combat them. It enables holistic development as well.

Model United Nations is an academic simulation of the United Nations that aims to educate participants about current events, topics in international relations, diplomacy and United nations agenda. The participants role play as diplomats representing a nation or NGO in a simulated session of the United Nations, such as the security Council or the General Assembly.

Participants research a country, take on roles as diplomats, investigate international issues, debate, consult and then develop solutions to world problems.

An Orientation was held at the premises of DPS Ranchi by one of the representative of IIMUN who explained what MUN is and how it will be conducted for the students to make them aware about the features of MUN. the speaker further played a video as well to bring more clarity and explained that it is not only in India but also in other countries, such a type of conference has been organised and people have taken great interest in this.

The speaker also explained that by participating in such conference, will bring more value to the resume of students and students taking part in such events will get a participating certificate which is approved by United Nations and Govt of India as well. Students who win in this will get an invitation to visit New York and further to the office of United Nations.

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Salutation ceremony at DPS Ranchi

Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.

On 9th April 2018 a salutation ceremony for the new members of the school was held at DPS Ranchi. The children of Class I and Ii hosted the programme for newcomers of Classes Nursery and Prep respectively. The averse steps of little bundles of joy amazingly advanced to dancing feet. The programme was a blend of welcome rhymes, songs, games etc. under the guidance of teachers. It was surprising to see the tiny tots enjoying their first day of school so blissfully. They seem to be likely prepared for their new journey of life from where it won’t remain the same forever. The carefree smiles on their faces diluted the grief of being separated from their shield of parents for a part of day. The new aspirants were thus welcomed with all love and consideration in the ever blooming D.P.S. family.

The Principal Dr. Ram Singh took the moment to guide the new and youngest hopes of society with all love and care. His silvery voice also mentioned C.S. Lewis  words mentioned that the journey of education is a path full of obstacles and rough realities of life and school is a place where they will learn that hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary destiny.

Thus the programme ended with the boosted minds and happy faces who know that now they have a second home away from home.

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World Health Day 2018 celebration at DPS Ranchi

The students of Primary Wing of Delhi Public School, Ranchi celebrated World Health Day. The celebration was filled with activities and programmes which shared the roles to develop a healthy tomorrow.

The celebration was organized with the motive to develop a sense of healthy life style among the students and develop an understanding to acquire mental and physical fitness.

On this occasion the students were made aware about eating healthy food. The students also displayed healthy foods and presented poems on the same. The overwhelmed Children also stuffed their backpacks with healthy and nutritious foods.

They also emphasized on the healthy life style and abolishment of junk food.

The eyes of young taste buds seemed to glare with the message for the world-

Don’t be a fool dude, say ‘No’ to junk food.

They also took to create a healthy tomorrow and proudly said- O’ how much I love fruits and nuts Dad,’ 

Give no junk food Mom, that is too bad.

The Principal of the school Dr. Ram Singh enlightened the students with some of the tips on keeping oneself healthy. He said “As it is said that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body, therefore one should make sure to eat a variety of food with balanced nutrient, get plenty of exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.”

The celebration developed a comprehension among the children that a good health means the well being of a physical, mental and social health with the absence of disease which can be obtained by joint effort.

The programme ended with a slogan ‘Eat Healthy and Stay Healthy’.

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MUN Orientation at DPS

DPS Ranchi conducted the second session of MUN Orientation at its premises on 3rd April 2018.The school is looking forward to conduct the MUN on 17th and 18th of April 2018. This time the guest speaker was Mr. Aniket Paul who addressed the students with great sense of knowledge. Mr. Paul, a very effectual and dynamic personality has taken part in more than 40 MUNs all over the country and has numerous accolades to his favour. Mr. Paul has chaired under top Law college professors and they have defined him using powerful adjectives like dexterous, potent, lively person. 

Mr. Paul explained the concept of MUN and how it is going to benefit the students in their near future. He said that MUN aims at educating the constitutional rules of the country and the law and order system of the nation. By attending MUN, a person can gain lot of expertise about the country and the operational behavior of Lok Sabha. While addressing the students, he picked up various topics like the building of Ram Mandir, the recent CBSE question paper leak which is a burning topic of today’s time in our country. During the event, some students were selected and were divided into two parties, The Congress and The BJP who were given the responsibility to have debate on these topics.  Both the parties representing the respective group enjoyed presenting their opinions on this and went on justifying the same from their angle of thinking.

Overall it was carried out in a very jovial manner and students felt really very excited to take part in the Orientation.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh, expressed his thanks to the respective team for conducting the Orientation and said that participation of students in such a type of event will enhance their knowledge and skills and will have future benefits.

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A session Conducted by Dr. Ram Singh on the final day of the Financial Year 

Addressing to the teachers of DPS Ranchi on the final day of the financial year, DPS Ranchi Principal conducted a session in which he expressed his happiness on the performances of his teachers who did a marvelous job last year to motivate the students to help them excel in all affairs of Education. Dr. Singh who has been the Principal of the school since the past four years expressed his journey of four years full of responsibilities that taught him lot of new things and molded his thought process of operation as worked with teachers and staffs who possessed different skills and abilities.

Dr. Singh expressed his innermost thanks to all the teachers because of whom the number of Olympiad winners have increased last and encouraged the teachers to further groom more dedication among the students so that they can do better and best in other competitive exams next year.

 Dr. Singh further awarded all those teachers with certificate and gift who had hundred percent attendance in the last academic year and said that such a type of performance in today’s time is really appreciable wherein teachers have to look for balancing both their professional and personal lives. 

On this occasion one of the teacher of DPS Ranchi Mrs. P. Vishalakshi of primary section retired on superannuation. Dr. Ram Singh presented her a Boquet and memento for her continuous dedicated service towards the school.

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MUN Conference Orientation Session in DPS Ranchi

In order to facilitate the activity participation of students, DPS Ranchi conducted an Orientation Session on 27th March 2018 to organize a MUN Conference to be held on 17th and 18th April, 2018 at its premises. The session was conducted by Mr. Bhavdeep Singh Ahluwalia (The founder and President of Lionise). A Company that manages events all across the country.  Mr. Ahluwalia said that the main purpose of conducting MUN is to make students familiar about the social issues prevailing and how to tackle them as well. In MUN, students would be encouraged to take the responsibility of various activities and play a role model on various social affairs through which they will become familiar about real aspects of society. Mr. Singh, adopted a very friendly way to intermingle with students which the students reciprocated and got several traits about the aim of life.

In the session, Mr. Ahluwalia briefed about the basic qualities and instincts which a student should have to be successful after school life. Students were briefed about the importance of spoken skills which plays a major role in the overall personality development of a person and is a main medium to represent the skills and showcase talents.

The school Principal Dr. Ram Singh was happy to have such a type of session in the school premises and said that participating in such Event will encourage students in all affairs and would brighten their aspects of career as build up an inner skill in them to tackle ant situation of life.

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The Semantic Orientation at DPS Ranchi

“The Beginning is always today!!”- Shelly

The happy children, the toiling teachers and the well pleased parents… Yes, the morning sun of 23.03.2018, Friday shone to light up the path of new journey for the nonchalant little minds.

The orientation session held at the school on the day was the first ever chance for the parents and teachers to have a better understanding of the school environment and children respectively.

The session was a big success as new admitted students of classes Nursery, Prep and IX could witness their second home for the rules and regulations of the school. The school strongly believes in the School-Parents Partnership as they both form the roots of a child’s personality and career development.

The session also took a major turn when it emphasized on conscious parenting. The parents were then asked not to make the child the mirror of their aspirations as the major concern is not only to make them an academic performer but also cater to the basic motto of education i.e., to bring in the world a good and global citizen. We should not forget what Herbert Spenser once quoted- The great aim of education is not knowledge but action.

The Principal of the school, Dr. Ram Singh on the occasion, congratulated all the exciting faces while addressing them for the new beginning of the ward’s life. He did not fail to emphasize that how important the role of School-Parents Partnership for the betterment of child is as- No significant learning occurs without a significant relationship.

 And thus, the hustle-bustle at the school ended with the really contended smiles on parents’ faces.

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